Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Health to address life science landscape at next Innovation Cafe

The life science industry is one of the keys to Pennsylvania’s economic competitiveness. Over the past several years a convergence of policy along with public and   private partnerships has led to growth of the life sciences in Pennsylvania. The next Innovation Cafe on May 8 features Michael Wolf,  secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, one of the nation’s leading public health agencies with a budget of more than $838 million. Wolf will discuss the current life science landscape in Pennsylvania. His experience in public service, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and business development provide a broad background on the past, present and future of life sciences in Pennsylvania.

Acting secretary, Wolf was appointment by governor Tom Corbett in October 2012. The department is responsible for regulating hospitals, nursing homes and various other health care facilities, while support public health and prevention initiatives.

As the Commonwealth’s top regulator, Wolf is committed to modernizing Pennsylvania’s health care system. Recent efforts are being made to increase access to health care in rural and underserved areas by providing additional medical services, increasing funding to community health centers, improving telemedicine and expanding programs that help attract and retain health care practitioners. Wolf’s vision for Pennsylvania is one where every resident has access to affordable, high-quality health care, regardless of what area of the commonwealth they reside.

Wolf is a Pennsylvania native who previously served as the executive deputy secretary at the department, prviding operational oversight and managing the strategic direction of the agency. Prior to his return to public service, he was director, worldwide public affairs and policy for Pfizer, the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company. In his role, he was responsible for company relations with Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and Puerto Rico’s governments, as well as, relations with state biotechnology trade associations. Wold has also served as a government relations and company development consultant to the Central Pennsylvania Life Sciences Greenhouse and BioAdvance, early stage venture capital organizations specializing in start-up biotechnology companies.

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