Innovation Café Hosts Penn’s Dr. Giovenella on Drug Development Trends

For those of you who missed it, the October 9 Innovation Café featured a stimulating morning of networking and discussion with University of Pennsylvania’s Albert Giovenella, Ph.D.

After kicking off the morning with conversation over a light breakfast, Giovenella enlightened his listeners about the impact of recent pharmaceutical trends on the life science community.

While they might not have had the four decades of background knowledge and experience that Giovenella himself holds, Giovenella directed the conversation to help his audience of investors, entrepreneurial faculty, talented students, and industry professionals utilize this significant information in their own roles: drug developments.

Evidenced by his extensive experience in pharmaceutical research, marketing, and consulting, Giovenella takes an active interest in studying recent drug developments. In his talk, he explained his construction of a drug discovery database, helping researchers keep tabs on progress in drug developments to complement their own work.

Further, Giovenella’s database is a rich resource for training a new generation of researchers, and supplementing the work of students and educators. “It’s great for students who need to do research for a paper,” he said, “and I have a lot of fun with it!”

“Besides,” he joked, “it keeps me out of my wife’s hair!”

After concluding his talk, Giovenella looked around the room at the students, researchers, faculty, and investors, absorbing the rich experience he had related, and offered his congratulations and support. “I know that you have a big complex that’s growing, and growing, and growing,” he said. “It’s just beautiful around here! I know you’ve got to be offering a lot of companies incubation, so thank you for all of the wonderful things that you’re doing,” Giovenella said with an encouraging smile.

To keep up with the pharmaceutical developments Giovenella discussed and to gain a fresh perspective on the field, view the talk online.Innov. Cafe 10:9


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