Local digital health entrepreneur featured on Entrepreneurship.org

Entrepreneurship is all about having something to offer, being a go-getter, and—wait for it—networking. Local entrepreneur David Scher, M.D., was highlighted this week as a healthcare and life science entrepreneur to follow by Entrepreneurship.org.

Every week, eMed, the digital health entrepreneurial community at Entrepreneurship.org, highlights six entrepreneurs to watch. On November 22, eMed encouraged readers to follow Scher, recognizing him as a key player in the field. Not only does eMed applaud his networking skills, but it features him as a person to know for other entrepreneurs seeking connection and role models in the digital health space.

Among his many other accomplishments, from his investigative work for pacemakers and implantable defibrillators, to his pioneering of remote cardiac monitoring of cardiac rhythm devices, Scher founded DLS Healthcare Consulting. The company sprouted in response to the takeoff of mobile and digital healthcare, providing the interpersonal, clinical component that technologies may lack.

In addition to his entrepreneurial success, Scher also blogs and tweets to share his insights with the next generation of innovators. Be sure to follow our own digital health expert to broaden your network!

View the article online at Entrepreneurship.org!


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