Innovation Café Recognized by University Industry Innovation Network


This spring, the Innovation Café is going to Spain! The University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) is recognizing the Innovation Café for its best practices in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. On April 23-25, the Innovation Café will attend at the UIIN international conference, held in Barcelona, Spain.

In addition to being recognized in front of 300 participants at the University-Industry Interaction Conference 2014, the Innovation Café will present at the conference, and will also be published in the UIIN journal. The Innovation Café has also been named a finalist for the 2013 UEDA Awards of Excellence.

Much in line with the Innovation Café’s goal of facilitating collaboration among innovators and entrepreneurs, the UIIN Team emphasizes networking between universities and industry. The conference will focus on equipping members to share research, recognize innovative achievements, sponsor events to enhance inter-collegiate collaboration, and highlight progress in the field.

If you haven’t yet gotten involved with the Innovation Café, it’s not too late to connect! The Innovation Café aims to help startups get off the ground, hosting monthly networking events, offering resources for entrepreneurs, and collaborating with investigators, investors, and innovators.

As the Innovation Café continues to pick up speed, keep up here on our blog, find us on the OTD website, or follow us on Twitter.


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