Perfecting the Investor Pitch at March Innovation Cafe

If you are conducting breakthrough research that could make a significant impact on society if available outside an academic setting, this Innovation Cafe is for you!

Join us for the March 26 Innovation Cafe as nationally recognized innovation and entrepreneurial mentors Merom Klein, Ph.D. and Louise Yochee Klein, Psy.D., of Courage Institute International, share key techniques to capture the imagination of investors. Merom and Louise advise entrepreneurial leaders in corporate, academic and incubator settings throughout the United States, Israel, Canada, Scotland, Singapore and Kenya. The team also serve as mentors and entrepreneur coaches for Keiretsu Forum Mid-
Atlantic, as well as, adjunct professors in business communication at Temple University.

The Courage Institute International provides expertise in generative thinking and innovation leadership, using data driven “voice-of-the-customer” inquiry, diverse cross-functional perspectives and creative breakthrough thinking techniques to accelerator the innovation process.

The Innovation Cafe will cover:

  • How to “pitch” a technology to investors and provide valuable feedback on how your pitch may be received
  • What do to if an investor wants to fund the technology
  • How to capture the imagination of investors, who march to a different rhythm from your academic colleagues
  • How to access the commercial potential of an academic discovery as an entrepreneurial venture or as an innovation that could be licensed to a company
  • What is required to be the CEO, COO, CTO or CBO of a company

Following the half-day workshop, Merom and Louise will be available for individual sessions with investigators who want to discuss specific technologies and how to effectively communicate the research to potential investors.

Please contact the Office of Technology Development directly if you would like to schedule an individual session 717.531.8496 or Space is limited. REGISTER TODAY!


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